Web Design

The cohesive centerpiece of a product or a company, your website is the first face an audience will see. Give it impact. Give it style. Give it a voice all its own and let it speak for itself. As a Front-end coder, the main focus is to make it simple to get that point across in the fewest, most relevant lines of code possible. The site you're on is 100% hand-coded by yours truly. I used an ultra minimalist tri-tone greyscale style to lead the eye away from the site itself directly to the point of the whole thing - my work samples. The flashiness of the site is for the initiated, but can be seen by anyone once you scale your browser dynamically. Try it and see how everything scales to your browser's size... isn't that pretty! In a line, it's the magic of "Cross-browser & mobile liquid CSS". Win more.

Nav Fragments

Website Design Buttons, headers, icons - they all have their place in making a full interactive experience. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" is a cliche that rings loudest here, since even a single page with just one giant clickable button smack in the middle of it hits home in a way that outpaces the giant button alone ... see more

Mirror Coding

Web Mockups Design If a picture speaks a thousand words then a mockup speaks a thousand lines of code. Pixel perfection is the only standard operating procedure worth mentioning ever since WYSIWYG came into vogue in the 90's ... see more

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