Mobile App Flows

Mobile App Interface Design Imagine everyone has giant rubber hands. Know also that they all forgot their monocles & will use your app while running down a flight of steps at full speed rocking non-prescription shades... in the rain... on New Year's Eve during a Slayer concert. With that kind of context, the absolute importance of "Keeping It Simple, Stupid" in Mobile UI design becomes painfully obvious ... see more

Web App Design (2008)

Web App Interface Design One button, one function. Drag & Drops wherever obvious & telling iconography everywhere is the name of this game ... see more

Initial Prototypes (2011)

UIUX Design The design process is not so much divination as it is iteration. Inspiration is honed by feasibility & galvanized by analysis. Got an amazingly awesome idea? Get it into an architecture for everyone to see what's in your mind's eye. Once the feedback starts pouring in, value every bit of it; but keep the end user's experience at the forefront as you loop refining, playing, and testing the design until it gradually becomes manifest into a memorable symphony of fun. Like every great architecture, any airy concept steadily solidifies towards reality with every strike of collective will. Be clear in presentation, logical in decision, and most of all, selfless in direction. Enjoy the journey, grasshopper. ... see more

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