Action Game Journalism

Action Game Journalism Games not only don't rot our brains, studies have shown they increase our decision-making processes by up 25% without any loss in precision. And that's when they're played every other day for a mere six months. Bah, that can be done in a weekend ... read more

Adventure & Fighting Game Journalism

Adventure & Fighting Game Journalism The cliches of "adventure gamers" and "fighting gamers" could not be more opposed. Imagine lederhosen-laden Link cosplayers on one side staring glossy-eyed at a horde of dudes forged in the flames of self-confirmed manhood, well-equipped with quarters to slam on an arcade screen and growl "Got Next, Son." ... read more

MMO & RPG Game Journalism

mmo game journalism There's something about observing ticking numbers that makes me forget there's a Sun; even moreso when these ever-shifting digits are accompanied by at least 3 gnomes and/or pizza. Slap some progress bars & random item generation on there and watch the probability of sleep-sacrifice spike ... read more

Simulation Game Journalism

simulation game journalism Hordes of little people with giant ambitions. Warning: play enough of these until 3am for long enough and eventually you will have a dream involving a huge cursor hovering over your head, bapping it continuously until you're forced to do something ... read more

Sports Game Journalism

sports game journalism The tiniest of control touches go a long way. Such as letting go of the shot button in a basketball game right at the apex of your jump to see your 3-pointer rip net is an incredibly rewarding micro-moment in gaming ... read more

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