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Mike Reilly Photo Space Invaders Invade Space I create. I forge realities, experiences, memories, and products via mastery in design, code, interfaces, algorithms, ideologies, and leadership. I make games, apps, websites, graphics, code, animations, comics, sagas, brands, companies, and teams. My spirit is one of cooperation & collaboration, ever seeking clarity in focus, simplicity in life, and reward in honor. Thank you for being here & I welcome the prospect to work with you to make a better reality for us all. Please see some of the great people I have had the pleasure to work with in previous roles as well as my online resume. Until we meet in person, feel free to reach out & connect.

Pro Recommendations

Vice President of Business Development & Publishing

WarChest Games http://www.warchest.com
George Scotto "I had the great pleasure of working with Mike while I was at PlayUp. Not only is he one of the best at what he does, he's also a super nice guy and very easy to work with. The thing I like most about Mike is his versatility. He goes from designing and coding Websites to designing video games, testing builds and driving projects to completion. He also has a ton of video game knowledge and is very creative. I highly recommend him. If given the chance to hire, or work with Mike again, I would jump at it in a flash."
George's LinkedIn

Director of Public Relations

Reverb Communications http://www.reverbinc.com
Douglass Perry "Mike Reilly is a funny, hard-working, dedicated, and highly likable, one-of-a-kind character. During my tenure at Future, Mike and I worked side by side to research and produce several Blips sites (at Future), and his hard, steady work, accountability, and enjoyable disposition made it fun to work with him all along the way. He has multiple skill sets, is a quick learner, and always displayed a great attitude."
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CEO at TDC Entertainment; Director & OTC Markets Group

Disinfo Entertainment http://www.disinfo.com
Gary Baddeley "In the decade or so that I have known Mike he has proven himself a reliable friend and consultant. More relevantly, perhaps, he is an incredibly intuitive and intelligent game designer. I am confident that he would prove to be one of the most valuable members of your company very quickly as his knowledge of games and their internal design is at the highest level. His work for Disinformation was stellar and during every one of our tight-knit company meetings with our COO and Art Director, Mike was an invaluable asset."
Gary's LinkedIn

Branding & Advertising at Audacity

Audacity Health http://www.audacityhealth.com
Robyn Lass "Smart, funny and creative Mike is a fantastic addition to any staff. Hard working and exceptionally motivated you can be confident that he'll get the job done, plus two more, and offer some great ideas on what to do next! A great attitude and a ton of energy, you'll be happy to have him as a part of your team."
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